Affordable Lake Michigan Homes For Sale

If you have been searching online for vacation cottages on the shores of Lake Michigan, you might have come away feeling a little bit defeated. It is no secret that the best properties along the coastline can come with some pretty serious price tags. However, you aren’t necessarily doomed to paying a high price for a piece of Lake Michigan real estate that you can call your own. There are homes for sale in a variety of different price ranges, so long as you know where to look and are able to keep an open mind.

Move In from the Shore

By far one of the fastest ways to bring down the price of the properties that you are looking at is to come in away from the shore. You don’t have to move miles inland – in…

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Living next to, or near, Lake Michigan is great in part because of all the amazing recreational opportunities. With impressive weather available for much of the year, there is no reason not to get out and enjoy everything that is available to do and see. No matter what kind of recreation calls to you, it is probably available somewhere along the Lake Michigan coast. The list of five options below is just a small sample of what life near the lake has to offer.

1. Fishing

Lake Michigan offers a variety of fishing opportunities for those so inclined. The specific type of fishing available to you will depend on where along the coast you land, and how far out into the water you would like to venture. Charter boat fishing is an option for those who don’t…

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Looking for a Lake Michigan vacation cottage is an exciting process – that can also be a little bit intimidating at the start. After all, there are so many great options, different locations, sizes, styles, and more. In order to have an enjoyable search that successfully leads you to the perfect vacation property, you will want to have a plan in place right from the start. Use these four tips to get started down the right path.

1. Work with a local Realtor

The knowledge that an experienced Realtor can bring to the process can’t be replaced by any amount of internet research. If you want to consider all options and have a professional on your side during negotiations, a Realtor is the logical choice. Once you provide them with your specific needs and…

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Where to Find Luxury Homes on the West Michigan Coast

As a general rule of thumb, luxury properties are typically located closer to established cities than they are rural areas. The further out away from the city that you get, the more likely you are to find modest cottages as opposed to large luxury homes. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but that guideline holds true more often than not when browsing Lake Michigan real estate properties. If you are looking for a luxury property along the shores of Lake Michigan, consider the following three areas as great places to start your search.

Holland, Michigan

Located in the central area of the West Michigan coastline, Holland is a short drive out toward Lake Michigan from the large city…

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One of the benefits of living in West Michigan is that we have easy access to Lake Michigan beaches and parks.  As a Real Estate agent and a Resort & Second Home Property Specialist(RSPS) I am qualified to handle the sale of your Lake Michigan home or property.  With my teams expertise along the lakeshore I have created a new Lake Michigan Real Estate website.  This website is the most user friendly Lake Michigan Real Estate website on the market.  With powerful tools like Market Snapshot, Get local, and community pages you don't have to go anywhere else when looking for a Lake Michigan Home or Property.  To view Lake Michigan Real Estate currently on the market visit my Lake Michigan Homes For Sale website.

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There is a lot to like about living, or vacationing, on the shores of Lake Michigan. There is incredible scenery, great summer weather, seemingly endless recreation opportunities, friendly people, and more. The only downside to having so many great reasons to look for Michigan Lake Michigan Real Estate is that many other people will be looking for the same thing. In the end, this means prices can rise higher and higher. Fortunately, there are ways to look for value among the Lake Michigan homes for sale so you can get into a great place without completely breaking the bank.

Consider Living Inland

Naturally, properties that are located directly on the waterfront are going to be more expensive (generally speaking) than similar properties located…

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Why Stage Your Lake Michigan Home?

Because first impressions matter-- a lot.  From the curb appeal, to the interior, to the life style the property conveys, to the quality of the photograph for listing on the web. Just like a job interview, first impressions matter.

Sure, you can try to sell your Lake Michigan Real Estate without staging.  Go through months of price reductions, frustration and endless “trying to keep the house clean”.  Or you can do the work up front, have the home show the best that it can and sell in a shorter time.

Simply put, most buyers do not have the imagination to see themselves in a home that already appears to be in use. Therefore, it is up to you to depersonalize the home.  In essence, you are repackaging the property. The…

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If you are considering making a purchase of some Lake Michigan real estate anywhere along the coast of West Michigan, you certainly want to know what kind of weather you will encounter when you arrive. Those who are not native to the Michigan area often have the misconception that the weather is always cold considering how far north the state is located. While there is some cold weather in the winter months, Spring and Summer are often incredibly warm and beautiful – opening up a whole world of great outdoor recreation activities.

Spring Warm-Up

After three months of near-freezing temperatures that make up December – February, the thermometer starts to rise when the calendar hits March. In Holland, MI, the average high temperate in April is a…

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Living on or near any lake is a great opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle that many others don’t get to experience. It is no different when you start looking for Lake Michigan Real Estate and a vacation cottage or home to call your own. Whether you plan on living near the shores of Lake Michigan on a permanent basis, or just want to have a place to getaway to, there are numerous reasons to find a property for you and your family.

Natural Beauty

One of the most common reasons to seek out Lake Michigan real estate properties is simply the natural beauty of the region. Michigan is a state with many beautiful areas, but perhaps none rises above the stunning shorelines of Lake Michigan. Finding a property with a view of the lake will give you a chance to…

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West Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful lakefront properties in the Midwest.  Cool breezes, spectacular views, and long walks on the beach are just some of the benefits of owning Michigan Lake Michigan Real Estate.  One of your top priorities when purchasing waterfront property should be making sure that your investment is properly protected. Insuring a high value home can bring unique challenges and uncertainties.  Lakefront homes are often exposed directly to nature’s elements and can create a higher risk for loss due to the weather.  Most insurance companies will want to know if your waterfront property will be your primary, secondary, or seasonal residence since this can make a difference in the price and whether or not the company might…

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