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October 2016

Found 2 blog entries for October 2016.

 One question heard quite often is “Which should I invest in for my home a _____________ or a ______________?”

And believe it or not, there’s always going to be a right answer for that question. Sometimes, the questions can be answered blindly, straight across the board. And other times, it’s strictly circumstantial and will be determined by several factors exclusive to the home itself.

What’s the Number One most asked investment question?

Pools vs. Kitchens.

That’s right, as a potential Home Seller, should you invest your money into a pool or into your kitchen? And the answer is simple, sort of.

The Kitchen, is arguably the most important section of the house. It’s where we eat. It’s where we gather and share great conversations with great

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Home Staging - When it comes to selling a home, having it properly staged is Priority Number One in our books.

The concept of Home Staging has evolved over the last decade, even just over the last five years to be honest. What was once acceptable back then might be outright taboo, today. It’s more sophisticated now, becoming an art. Gone are the days where just rearranging your furniture with some minor tweaks throughout the house are going to cut it. Not if you really want to get your asking price (or even over your asking), and get it fast.

But what qualifies as a well executed home staging in today’s market? What are we trying to accomplish with our staging?  Buyers today are spoiled and their eye has become much more sophisticated. So what

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