8 Tips To Better Home Staging

Posted by on Sunday, October 9th, 2016 at 3:55pm.


Home Staging - When it comes to selling a home, having it properly staged is Priority Number One in our books.

The concept of Home Staging has evolved over the last decade, even just over the last five years to be honest. What was once acceptable back then might be outright taboo, today. It’s more sophisticated now, becoming an art. Gone are the days where just rearranging your furniture with some minor tweaks throughout the house are going to cut it. Not if you really want to get your asking price (or even over your asking), and get it fast.

But what qualifies as a well executed home staging in today’s market? What are we trying to accomplish with our staging?  Buyers today are spoiled and their eye has become much more sophisticated. So what attracts them you ask? Well, they want to walk into a home that looks like something the once saw on t.v. or in a magazine. They want to walk around a home and experience emotion. Remember, you’re not just selling a home, you’re selling the idea of a lifestyle.

The need and value of staging in today’s market is essential and non-negotiable. Even if you don’t hire a professional to prepare your home for presentation, there are still some essential rules and basics that you should keep in mind when looking to put your home up on the market. If you’re looking to tackle Home Staging on your own, Luke Bouman suggests you keep the following tips in mind:


  1. Scentless, Is Best - Your favorite scent could be someone else’s allergy or annoyance. You just never know, so keep it clean and keep it neutral. No candles and no cooking the day of a showing.


  1. Go Contemporary - Now, is what’s in style. Are there exceptions, of course. But generally speaking, up to the moment furniture and decor is what stages to sell. People want to see modern and they want to feel modern. Help them.


  1. Keep Your Pets A Secret - Keep Fido’s bed and toys out of sight! And I don’t have to remind you about getting all the hair and odor out of the carpet and house in general. For some buyers, just knowing a pet lived there prior, is a deal breaker.


  1. Fresh Paint - Try not to skip this one because a fresh coat goes a long way. Ditch the eggshell and go for white, it’s cleaner and enhances your stage. Also, don’t be afraid to have an accent wall that really pops. Some fun and flair is never a bad thing when done appropriately. And don’t forget the baseboards.


  1. New Towels. New Sheets. - Totally inexpensive. Totally a difference maker. You’re essentially accomplishing what a fresh coat of paint does but extending to the aesthetics of the furniture and cleanliness of the home. And a brand new, super fluffy white robe strategically hanging in a bathroom never stopped a home from being sold.


  1. The Pedestal Sink - Super popular but not so popular that it’s become faux pas. This isn’t just a way to maximize space in your bathroom but a way to really give it a facelift and show your potential buyers that living here instantly makes them modern and chic.


  1. Minimalism Is Modern - Now there needs to be a proper balance here between cluttered and empty. But for the most part, less is more. This allows for certain pieces, decor and concepts to remain highlighted for the buyer. We don’t want the stage to get lost in a sea of paintings, kitchen counter appliances and cluttered shelves. Fresh. Clean. Simple. Sold.

8. Avoid The Obvious Stage - Ditch the plates and glassware on the kitchen table. Along with the brunch
tray     in the bedroom, buyers today don’t want to feel like the home is staged. Remember, you’re selling them a     vision of a lifestyle. And nobody wants to have a fake lifestyle.

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