For sport fishermen, Lake Michigan is one of the most attractive spots in the country to get a line wet and see what they can catch. As one of the largest lakes in the world, Lake Michigan is home to a wide variety of species and can be receptive to many different types of fishing. For the uninitiated, taking on the vast waters of this Great Lake can be quite intimidating. However, once some local knowledge is gained, there certainly are fish to be found.

Among the popular species of fish that are targeted by anglers in Lake Michigan include trout, salmon, walleye, smallmouth bass, and more. Each of these species has specific rules and regulations attached to it, so be sure to consult the laws that apply to the area that you wish to fish. Four…

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on April 08, 2014 at 2:58 PM   Visitors make their way toward frozen Lake Michigan at Holland State Park in the evening of Sunday, February 23, 2014. Holland-Grand Haven was ranked highest for physical health in Gallup Healthways 2013 State of American Well-Being.Chris Clark | 

The Holland-Grand Haven area fares well in a national report on Americans' health and happiness - ranking No. 1 for physical health and access to basic necessities.

The rankings are included in the Gallup Healthways 2013 State of American Well-Being report.

Overall, Holland-Grand Haven ranked 26 of 189 metropolitan statistical areas. That’s an improvement over last…

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One of my favorite companies in the area is Sligh Closet & Glass.  This Holland based company offers some of the best closet organizing systems & bathroom upgrades in the entire state, and their work is often found in the top parade homes in West Michigan.  For Free consultations contact Jordan Sligh #616-403-9220.

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Lake Allegan offers outstanding real estate in Allegan Michigan.  Home prices on the lake can be $1,000,000+ but a benefit of Lake Allegan Homes For Sale is that they can be as low as $150,000.  Lake Allegan is an all sports lake and a popular destination for West Michigan residents looking for a vacation home, which is why I have created a community page specifically for Lake Allegan.  Click on the Lake Allegan Homes For Sale link above and find your home today!

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WASHINGTON — U.S. home prices rose in January after three months of declines with Michigan having one of the largest gains. A tight supply of homes might have helped boost prices and offset sales slowed by cold weather.

The five states with the biggest price gains in January, compared with a year earlier, were Nevada, where prices rose 22.2%; California, 20.3%; Oregon, 14.3%; Michigan, 13.7%; and Georgia, 13.4%. Mississippi was the only state to report a price decline.

Real estate data provider CoreLogic says prices rose 0.9% in January after dipping 0.1% in December. Over the past 12 months, home prices have risen 12%, the biggest year-over-year gain in more than eight years.

CoreLogic’s price figures aren’t adjusted for seasonal patterns, such…

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I recently created a google + page for my real estate Team.  Take a look at it here: Holland MIchigan Real Estate

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No matter if you are considering property in the Gun Lake area for a vacation home or as a full-time residence, there are many things to like about this beautiful part of Michigan. With countless recreation opportunities, miles of shoreline, and great properties to pick from, Gun Lake is an easy place to fall in love with. To highlight some of the main attractions to this location, please consider the four reasons listed below as some of the biggest draws to Gun Lake real estate ownership.

1. Variety of Properties to Choose From

Whether you have a modest budget of around a couple hundred thousand dollars, or a budget up around $1 million or more, Gun Lake is likely to have properties that you can consider. From small and cozy vacation cottages to…

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No matter how you look at it, making the move to purchase a piece of West Michigan real estate as a vacation property is a big decision. You will have to think long and hard about whether or not you will be able to use the property enough to justify the expense. Also, there are things like maintenance and other chores that come along with owning a vacation property away from your full-time home. However, there are also many benefits that might convince you to make the plunge and buy a piece of vacation real estate for your own. The following three reasons can all play a part in deciding when the right time is to act.

Possibility of Rental Income

While you are likely buying the vacation getaway for the use of you and your family, it is possible to…

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