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Posted by on Thursday, March 9th, 2017 at 12:33pm.

If you're not on Pinterest - you're missing out.

It's the absolute destination for all things creative and decorative and home decor is no exception.

Recently, Pinterest revealed its Top Pinned Photos under the Category of "Dream Home" and involved categories such as "Garages", "Kitchens" and even "Closets". 

What's amazing is the variation in styles and ideas that people around the world collectively have - but are able to agree upon.

Explore the list and see what ideas pop into your head for your home!



Pinterest's most popular home is this Navy Blue 2 story. Beautiful Lawn and Pillars add to the exterior of this picture perfect home. If you had your choice of color, what would you go with?


Big Windows, Open Floor Space, High Ceilings and endless Lighting all makeup the most popular Living Room on Pinterest. Hard to argue with any of those qualities.


Just another example of what the most popular Living Room should look like according to Pinterest Followers. 


An engaged and fully functional Dinning Room is a MUST and Pinterest Followers made sure it included Dark Furniture and Hardwood Floors with Neutral Paint and accenting Brass decor. Not to forget the plant life, always a plus.


The Kitchen is the prize of any home and Pinterest's most admired certainly doesn't disappoint. Followers loved the Rustic Hardwood Flooring and elaborate Counters, Backsplash and Cabinets. Simply stunning.


There was no clear cut winner for the MOST popular Entertainment Room but certainly a handful of top contenders. This one utilizes glossy Marble flooring to stand out with purposeful lighting.


The owners of this Entertainment Room made sure that their Bar and Pool Table were the focal points for their guests. Easy to see why this was a fan favorite on Pinterest.


Nothing beats a Home Theater, complete with couches and bar-style seating. Whether you're entertaining or just cozying up to watch your favorite show, a Home Theater can't miss!


Who says an Attic has to be dark and uninviting? Check out the lighting, paint and aesthetics in the Top Trending Attic on Pinterest. Would you ever believe that an Attic could look better than a Living Room?


Carpet is always a winner in a Bedroom, it's just so much more comfortable. A nice Reading Chair steps up the comfort level even more and balances out the Chandelier in this Popular Pinterest Bedroom. But the Ceilings are what really pop in this Bedroom, accentuated by the beautiful color scheme.


It's easy to see why this was the most shared and pinned Bathroom on Pinterest. Molded Granite Countertops, Contemporary Flooring, Bright Lighting and Ample Space is the checklist for what makes the PERFECT Bathroom!



This other top contenting Bathroom is the complete definition of Rustic and is so well executed. It's simple and well decorated, always key.


When it comes to Closets, Walk In is by far the favorite of Pinterest users. And not just a wide space walk in but you need mirrors and cabinets INSIDE the closet as well. How else are you going to make sure you're looking your best before you step outside?



For those looking for a more practical Closet creation, Enclosed Shelves are not only beautiful to look at but extremely considerate of optimizing space and organization.



Pinterest users also fell in love with the "Hidden Closet" concept. Nothing enhances the popular "minimalist" look like concealing all your storage needs, even your daily attire items.



This Home Office is fresh and vibrant and Top Pinned in the Pinterest world. We all know that in order to get some work done we have to feel at ease in our office space and this Home Office gets the job done!



The Most popular Garage on Pinterest should come as no surprise, seeing as to how this Garage is big enough and awesome enough to LIVE IN! 



Now this Garage has a more practical look to it and was another Top Contender for the Pinned Community. There are several ideas here that can be taken and implemented in your own Garage.



And here we have the Most Pinned Back Yard Deck, complete with semi-enclosed roofing, a Bar and Pool Table. The best of ALL worlds!




Now it's time for you to create your OWN Pinterest Board of dream rooms!

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