Pools vs. Kitchens - Which Is The Better Investment

Posted by on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 at 8:37pm.

 One question heard quite often is “Which should I invest in for my home a _____________ or a ______________?”

And believe it or not, there’s always going to be a right answer for that question. Sometimes, the questions can be answered blindly, straight across the board. And other times, it’s strictly circumstantial and will be determined by several factors exclusive to the home itself.

What’s the Number One most asked investment question?

Pools vs. Kitchens.

That’s right, as a potential Home Seller, should you invest your money into a pool or into your kitchen? And the answer is simple, sort of.

The Kitchen, is arguably the most important section of the house. It’s where we eat. It’s where we gather and share great conversations with great people. Memories are made here with our families, breaking bread and taking a break from our busy schedules to relax and unwind.

So why would this even be a question?

Well, because pools are pretty darn fun additions to a home. They can really evolve your social life in how you host and entertain. And frankly, during those warm summer months, pools can really be the decision maker in a home sale. Plus they just look fantastic.

"Swimming Pools are hit or miss." says Team Leader Luke Bouman. Many people out there can be indifferent to pools, so finding that someone who can really appreciate a nice swimming pool, might take some time. "You might not get that buyer - someone who loves it.", says Luke. Maybe they don’t want to keep up with or spend on the maintenance for a pool, maybe they don’t have friends to invite over to enjoy the pool, or maybe they just don’t know how to swim. Who knows. But whatever the reason, and there could be dozens, a pool might be an additional expense that your Buyer may not want to pay for. So you’re left with either losing the Sale or eating the costs of the pool.

Now, with a Kitchen, that is an investment that will pay off dividends. And that’s the keyword there, investment, because you really can’t lose any money that you put into your kitchen. The demographic of people who enjoy and don't mind paying more for a quality kitchen are exponentially greater than those who would pay more for a pool. It’s just that simple. Whenever in doubt, just remember what our Team Leader Luke Bouman always says: "You either pay for the home when you live there or you pay for the home when you sell it."


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