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With so much information available online, many homeowners entertain the idea of selling their property without an agent.  Before you decide to go it alone, consider these key points:


We are taught and tested by governing agencies of the state, and must operate under strict laws put forth by such.  We are required to complete continuing education credits, and are constantly learning.  Think all agents do is stick a sign in the yard, hold an open house, and fill out a couple of papers?  Keep in mind that plenty of professions look easy when you aren't the one performing them. 


Selling a home isn't like listing your used Chevy on Craigslist.  Online Marketing is where Realtors…

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So, you're selling your house. Of course you want to get as much for it as possible, but how do you go about doing so?  Part of the answer depends on why you're selling.  If time is of the essence and you have to make a fast sale, then the top dollar you can get is almost certainly going to be lower than if time is irrelevant and you can afford to wait for the highest possible offer, even if it takes a year or two.  Be completely honest with yourself as to how long you can wait for a sale and what your absolute minimum price can be, then keep it to yourself.  Don't let anyone else know what your bottom line is or it will be used against you in negotiations.  But the balance between speed of sale and top price affects your sales strategy. 

When setting…

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