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Benefits of living on the lakeshore

Are you looking for an affordable and relaxing home? Consider the tranquil shores of Lake Michigan. Wake up every morning to the sound of the shore crashing along the coast mixed with the melody of the seagull calling out over the reserve. Living on the border of Lake Michigan may be one of the best choices you have ever made.

One of the main advantages for living on the lake is that you have easy access to the water 24/7. There are over 8 parks around Holland alone that allow you to easily access the waterfront and enjoy a relaxing day on the beach. If you savor your privacy, a waterfront home is a great fit for you.  

Homes on the water often offer a large amount of privacy, which can be hard to come by these…

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What good is a luxury home near Lake Michigan if you can’t share it with the people who mean the most to you? Whether you have a large family and want to make sure everyone can come out to visit, or just like to invite friends frequently, a large home gives you more flexibility to have big events and let everyone take part.

The good news is that the shores of Lake Michigan are dotted with large, luxury vacation homes for you to consider. While some of them are quite expensive, others fall down into a more-affordable range. Figure out exactly what your budget is for this real estate purchase and then start sorting through the listing with the help of an experienced Lake Michigan Realtor.

Besides just having plenty of room for other guests, there are…

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While the term ‘cottage’ can have different meanings to different people, most think of a cottage as a place to getaway and relax for a weekend – or even a week. Most people keep a cottage as a vacation property, which they can either use exclusively on their own, or rent it out while they are not using it to make extra money. Owning a piece of Lake Michigan real estate in the form of a vacation cottage has a number of benefits, including the following three –

1. Potential for Rental Income

The shores of Lake Michigan are a popular getaway spot for people of all ages, yet not everyone is able to purchase a Lake Michigan real estate property for themselves. This means there is a viable rental market that you may be able to take advantage of when you…

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The real estate market can be a scary one to enter – especially in a market as competitive as that along the shores of Lake Michigan. However, if you want to land that property that will become an important part of your family for years to come, you will need to jump right in. Lake Michigan real estate properties can often move quickly, so you might not have the benefit of a lot of time to sit around and weigh your options. Below are three tips that can help you navigate the market and find just the right piece of Western Michigan Lake Michigan real estate for you and your family.

Follow the Listings

With access to the internet available just about everywhere you turn, there is no reason that you can’t follow closely the new listings in the areas…

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Lake Michigan Living is closer than you think

Countless people around Michigan and surrounding areas have long dreamed of owning a vacation property along the shores of Lake Michigan to enjoy everything that the beautiful region has to offer. Unfortunately, many have given up on the dream due to the misconception that it would just take too long to get out to the coastline. In reality, the eastern shores of Lake Michigan that are so popular for their great beaches and warm summers are a lot closer than you might imagine.

Using Holland Michigan Lake Michigan Real Estate as our destination, let’s look at the travel times from some of the more populous areas in Michigan and beyond. Even if you were to find some Lake Michigan Real Estate that is north…

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Where to Find Luxury Homes on the West Michigan Coast

As a general rule of thumb, luxury properties are typically located closer to established cities than they are rural areas. The further out away from the city that you get, the more likely you are to find modest cottages as opposed to large luxury homes. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but that guideline holds true more often than not when browsing Lake Michigan real estate properties. If you are looking for a luxury property along the shores of Lake Michigan, consider the following three areas as great places to start your search.

Holland, Michigan

Located in the central area of the West Michigan coastline, Holland is a short drive out toward Lake Michigan from the large city…

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There is a lot to like about living, or vacationing, on the shores of Lake Michigan. There is incredible scenery, great summer weather, seemingly endless recreation opportunities, friendly people, and more. The only downside to having so many great reasons to look for Michigan Lake Michigan Real Estate is that many other people will be looking for the same thing. In the end, this means prices can rise higher and higher. Fortunately, there are ways to look for value among the Lake Michigan homes for sale so you can get into a great place without completely breaking the bank.

Consider Living Inland

Naturally, properties that are located directly on the waterfront are going to be more expensive (generally speaking) than similar properties located…

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